WATCH: Lindsay Graham Squirms After Being Put On The Spot Over Lack Of Subpoenas, Hearings

Lindsey Graham was put on the spot over his tough talk and lack of action on the origins of the Russian collusion hoax and the Deep State coup against President Trump.

The South Carolina senator and current chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee has talked a good game about issuing subpoenas and holding hearings but he continues to drag his feet while the impeachment frenzy builds.

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On Sunday, Graham was confronted over his inaction by Fox News host Maria Bartiromo who attempted to hold his feet to the fire over his promises.

According to Bartiromo:

“My viewers are frustrated. They want some subpoenas. They want to see you do that deep dive into what took place. When can we expect your subpoenaing people and who are you going to get to come down and testify?”


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John McCain’s former BFF demurred and passed the buck to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz whose long-overdue report on FISA abuse remains in limbo with no timetable on when it will be released.

That is IF it is ever released and isn’t buried. Horowitz is, after all, a Barack Obama appointee.

According to Graham:

Well, I’m gonna tell your viewers I’m gonna do it the way I think I need to do it.

I’m not going to get ahead of Horowitz. This man is independent of politics, is appointed by Obama. He did a good job in the past, I’m gonna look at his report and I’ll build out on it.

I’m not out to get anybody, I’m trying to find out what happened. 

So I’m not gonna issue subpoenas because people are frustrated. 

Even though Graham appeared to have grown a backbone after McCain became ill and later died from brain cancer, his waffling and stalling are a flashing red light that the career politician has never had any intention at getting to the bottom of the conspiracy to take down a legitimately elected president.

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Some, like Bartiromo’s fellow Fox host Lou Dobbs, isn’t mincing words about Graham’s lollygagging around.

The Horowitz report has been hyped as the sunlight that would prove to be a disinfectant to the cockroach colonies that infest the swamp and has been promoted as a devastating blow against corrupt DOJ/FBI figures including James Comey but where is it?

The foot-dragging all but ensures that President Trump’s impeachment trial will be held in the Senate where at least ten Republicans led by Mitt Romney are already almost a slam dunk to join with Democrats to remove him from office before Graham even bothers to issue a single subpoena.

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As the chairman of the powerful Judiciary Committee, Graham has yet to hold a single hearing into either the plot to concoct a plot against Trump based on fake evidence of collusion with the Kremlin or the rampant corruption of the Bidens in Ukraine.

There was much optimism that following his bravura performance during the disgraceful Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings that Graham had turned over a new leaf and was one of the good guys but his complete lack of action has skeptics wondering if he was ever sincere.

The swamp takes care of its own and Graham has lived in it for decades.

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