WATCH: Chris Cuomo attacks Trump for not talking about gun control; Kellyanne responds PERFECTLY…

After 8 years, liberal CNN host Chris Cuomo is used to a President who will politicize every single shooting within hours of it happening. As you know, Barack Hussein Obama wouldn’t even give the blood time to dry before pushing gun control in front of the nation.

However, we have a different President now.

We have a President who wants to comfort those in need before running to political arguments. For that, we commend our President on the highest level!

However, CNN and the other liberal media outlets want him to talk about guns NOW. When he asked Kellyanne Conway about it, she shut him down in epic fashion.

Watch below:

“Why don’t we owe the victims of this the same consideration that they showed each other? To take on something that’s hard, that’s even dangerous, in the effort to stop this from happening to everybody else?” asked Cuomo. “Why not take this challenge on right now?”

Conway quickly pointed out that it was the Obama administration that had cleared the “bump stock” accessory –which allowed the gunman to convert a semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic weapon- for sale throughout the country.

You see Hillary Clinton who’s out on a book tour talking about herself -not talking about this…You see her rushing to judgment on Twitter the other day while people are still looking through the rubble, searching through the hospitals for their missing loved ones, trying to politicize it” she added.

This is exactly why we love Kellyanne Conway. She always gives straight up answers without the nonsense! But best of all, she takes on the liberal media head to head…and it’s always a joy to watch.

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This post was authored by Clayton Keirns. You can follow him on Twitter @CKeirns