WATCH: Judge Jeanine Wrecks Comey, Calling him out as “a liar, leaker and leftist liberal”

During the opening statements of her show on Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro gave some scathing remarks aimed at the disgraced former FBI director, Jim Comey.

Pirro comes out swinging, stating: “He’s a liar, he’s a leaker and he’s a leftist liberal”

“Comey’s book tour was supposed to convince us that he was an honorable, likable, decent man — Doing his darndest to protect the American people, and the constitution. […] Unfortunately for Jim, it didn’t quite work out as planned.” Pirro commented

Also adding, “In fact, the man is in real legal jeopardy with his leaks being investigated by the Justice Department.”

Watch the carnage here:

The Judge held Comey to the flames this week, blasting him for his role in the leaks of information from the FBI in 2017.

Jeanine states, “Jim, you say you asked the President if you could meet with him privately, to discuss a dossier because it’s private and you don’t want others to hear, and you don’t want CNN to know. But almost immediately after you do, CNN and the world has it!”

“And you actually want us to believe you didn’t leak the dossier!?!?”

Pirro goes on to role clips of Comey lying and contradicting himself to various journalists. Including denying knowledge of the FBI doc leaks, which he later admits that he leaked them HIMSELF. This segment is extremely entertaining! Be sure to share for your friends to enjoy as well!

Comey’s lucky Pirro won’t be the judge in his future case! Comment your thoughts below!