WATCH: Joy Behar Celebrates 20 Years On ABC, Asks Trump For One Thing As A Gift

Far-left comedian Joy Behar celebrated her 20 year anniversary at ABC on Thursday, and she wants President Donald Trump to do one thing to serve as a gift: resign.

During a segment on ABC’s “The View,” the show celebrated Behar for being on the network for 20 years.

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Not surprisingly, she used the moment to go after Trump and demanded he resign from office.

Behar declared that “today is a good day for Donald Trump to resign…20 years for me, that would be my gift. That’s my gift. Donald do it for me, okay?”

Watch below:

ABC may have showered Behar with gifts, but there’s no way Trump is going to resign.

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Behar’s comments, as sad as they were, are par for the course. The liberal comedian has a long history of making controversial remarks, especially about Trump, his supporters, and conservatives.

Last week, she melted down over the Country Music Awards avoiding politics, declaring to her audience, “we are in an emergency!”

Behar claimed that the nation was at a tipping point, suggesting the country music stars had an obligation to trash President Trump.

“My personal belief is that we are in an emergency. The democracy is at risk, and everybody should be speaking up, everybody,” Behar declared, getting visibly animated and worked up.

Before that, Behar defended the Saturday Night Live cast member who mocked a wounded veteran, saying, “nothing I won’t joke about.”

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The panel was discussing the controversy surrounding SNL’s Pete Davidson, who mocked a disabled veteran who also happens to be a Republican running for office in the midterm elections.

This is the same woman who claimed Trump is paving the way for another Adolf Hitler and said the president is teaching children to become bullies and racists.

Behar argued Republicans wanted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to “retain white power.” She previously called Trump a “crackhead.”

She also disgustingly said “God forbid” Trump lives for another 20 years and asked why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wasn’t thrown in jail for blocking former President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme court in 2016.

She also came under fire earlier this year and was forced to issue an apology after she said Vice President Mike Pence had a “mental illness” because he is a devout Christian.

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