WATCH: Jordan Goes Off! Says No Evidence Of Trump Collusion, But ‘All Kinds’ Exposing Hillary

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio told host Chuck Todd of NBC that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but there is evidence of collusion between Hillary Clinton and the Russians.

He also stated that the Michael Cohen hearing was strictly a political hit job and he also mentioned how it revealed the double standard between how Trump and Clinton have been investigated.

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“What I know is there is not one bit of evidence to know any type of coordination, collusion, conspiracy whatsoever between the Trump campaign and Russia to impact the election,” Jordan said during the interview.

“There is all kinds of evidence to show that the Clinton campaign worked with Russians to impact the elections, via that whole thing I just described where they hired the law firm who hired Fusion, who hired Christopher Steele, who communicated with Russians, and put together the fake dossier,” he added.


The Mueller investigation is coming to a close and from what we know, he has absolutely no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

Cohen, who has gone rogue and will say almost anything to take down the president, even stated in his testimony that he has no knowledge of collusion that took place between the Trump campaign and Russia and also denied a very important claim in the Steele dossier that stated Cohen took a trip to Prague to secretly meet with Russian officials.

Given his recent hatred for Trump, the fact that Cohen admitted there is no collusion, proving that the president is innocent.

Jordan points out the double standard of how the Trump campaign is investigated and how Hillary Clinton is investigated.

When Clinton was under investigation by the FBI for deleting thousands of emails and destroying evidence, the FBI led by James Comey, gave her a pass and said she was just being “careless.”

Do you think they would have been that easy on President Trump if he were in Clinton’s situation? Probably not.

Let’s also not forget how Hillary Clinton paid for Russian dirt from Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele which ultimately let to the beginning of the FBI’s investigation into Russian collusion.

This alone is proof that the Clinton campaign colluded with Russia yet there is no investigation into her campaign.

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During an appearance on Fox News, Jordan stated, “I do not think you could believe much of what this guy says.

What I do think was going on today is that this was the first step in the Democrats’ crazy impeachment plans.”

The truth of the matter is, is that Democrats don’t want to find out the “truth,” they just want to impeach Trump.

Now that the Mueller investigation is wrapping up, Democrats in Congress are starting new investigations into the President that don’t have much of a purpose except to find anything illegal Trump has ever done in his past.

Not only is this an obvious abuse of power, but it is a very dangerous precedent to set going into the future.

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