WATCH: Joe Doesn’t Know U.S. Population, Says Tax Credit Would Put 720 Million Women Into Workforce

Different day, same Joe Biden.

By providing Americans with a child tax credit, the former VP plans to double the number of living Americans.

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Yeah, exactly. Figure that one out!


Despite a US population of only 330 million, Joe Biden says child tax credit would put 720 million women back into the workforce.

That’s like double the population of the US.

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When you want to divide by two, but end up multiplying. And still get it wrong.

that 720 million women number is AFTER Joe cures cancer#MakingSenseWithJoe

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Incompetence. It’s beyond a joke how sold out on their own idiocy the Left is.

Democrats routinely count the recently deceased. Honest mistake.

Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.😏

He’s counting undocumented illegal aliens

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More on Biden:

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., continue to top the Democratic 2020 presidential field after last week’s debate — in a race for the nomination that breaks along ideological and racial lines, according to a national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday.

The survey also shows that Warren has the advantage in enthusiasm, and that she gets the most second-choice support.

Biden leads the overall horserace with backing from 31 percent of Democratic primary voters (up 5 points since July), while Warren gets 25 percent (up 6 points).

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