WATCH: Joe Biden Agrees With Anti-Trump Woman, Says POTUS “Is An Illegitimate President”

No evidence of Russia collusion. Plenty of evidence of record low unemployment.

And still, President Trump can’t get no respect.

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While in New Hampshire, 2020 Democrat contender Joe Biden agreed with a woman who said 45 is “illegitimate.”

From Mediaite:

Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential primary frontrunner Joe Biden said “I absolutely agree” with a woman who described herself as having a “very severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome,” and said that Trump “is an illegitimate president.”


“He is an illegitimate president in my mind,” she added. “That’s it. I think all the talk about impeachment and what the Democrats should do, that’s fine, it’s theoretical at this point. Let them investigate, let them subpoena, let them go to the Supreme Court, he’s illegitimate. and my biggest fear is that he’s going to do it again with the help of Vlad, his best pal, and we’re going to be stuck for six more years of this guy. And that is terrifying. It’s terrifying.”

“Would you be my vice presidential candidate?” Biden asked with a laugh, then said “Folks, look, I absolutely agree.”


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What Biden said about black Americans in 2007 would’ve forced a Republican candidate to drop from any race for public office.

Thankfully for Joe, as a Democrat, he has the media running cover.

Regardless, this is pretty bad…

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From Daily Wire:

Declared 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s lengthy record bit him in the behind again on Thursday, as racially charged comments from Biden back in 2007 began to recirculate online.

When Biden was asked by The Washington Post about the discrepancy in school performance in Iowa compared to schools in Washington, D.C., the Democrat cited the high population of African-Americans and other minorities in the D.C. area.

“There’s less than one percent of the population of Iowa that is African American. There is probably less than four of five percent that are minorities. What is in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you’re dealing with,” he told the paper.


At the time, the Post chalked up Biden’s comments as a “stumble” — leeway the mainstream press would not likely afford to anyone on the Right, certainly not in 2019.

The Democrat went on to discuss “dysfunctional homes” in minority communities and suggested minority mothers don’t talk to their children “from the time they’re born.”

“When you have children coming from dysfunctional homes, when you have children coming from homes where there’s no books, where the mother from the time they’re born doesn’t talk to them — as opposed to the mother in Iowa who’s sitting out there and talks to them, the kid starts out with a 300-word larger vocabulary at age three,” Biden said. “Half this education gap exists before the kid steps foot in the classroom.”

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