WATCH: Jim Jordan Destroys Nadler’s Anti-Trump Witness, Catches Him In A Major Lie

Conservative firebrand Rep. Jim Jordan destroyed Rep. Jerry Nadler’s star anti-Trump witness on Monday and caught him in a major lie.

During a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Democrats called former Nixon White House counsel John Dean to testify about the Mueller report and his opinion that President Donald Trump should be impeached.

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But the Democrats entire plan backfired when Jordan grilled Dean and found several of his old tweets bashing Trump.

Jordan brought up tweets of his in particular on impeachment, mocking Trump, and him saying “As POTUS he is incapable of accomplishing anything.”

Jordan then tore into Dean and exposed him for lying when he claimed that Trump hasn’t accomplished “anything”:

As POTUS he is incapable of accomplishing anything? When you made that statement, what did you have in mind? Thinking about the 3.2 percent economic growth rate we had in the last quarter? Thinking about the fact we got the lowest unemployment in 50 years? How about the fact that hostages are back from North Korea?

Dean responded, “I think that under the parliamentary rules of the House, I’m refrained from addressing a full answer to your question.”

After some in the room laughed because Dean was too scared to answer the question, Jordan then brought up comments Dean made on CNN prior to Michael Cohen‘s testimony to Congress about how he should hold his testimony from Republicans as long as possible.

Jordan asked if he gave advice to Cohen or his lawyer, Lanny Davis, prior to that testimony.

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“I have known Lanny Davis for a couple decades and we have talked about it. I did say as soon as you turn your testimony over it will be picked apart,” Dean responded.

Jordan went on to say he’s dismayed at “this committee’s failure to investigate how the Trump/Russia thing started. How this whole thing began.”


Jordan easily caught Dean in a lie.

Dean claimed countless times on social media that Trump has not accomplished “anything” since taking office over two years ago.

When Jordan listed just a few of the president’s accomplishments, Dean claimed House rules prevented him from answering the question.

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Jordan proved that Dean’s comments were a lie and that he is nothing more than the Democrats newest anti-Trump puppet.

Aside from that, Nadler continues to go after Trump by trying to use his committee to stage political stunts — but he keeps failing.

A few weeks ago, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller ruined Nadler’s entire plan by stating he will not testify publicly about his Russia report.

Democrats desperately want Mueller to testify in public and in front of the cameras so they can try to disparage Trump.

But Mueller isn’t taking the bait and is refusing to testify in public, which is humiliating for Nadler and Democrats.

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