WATCH: Jim Acosta Throws TEMPER TANTRUM On Live TV After Trump Didn’t Call On Him At Presser

CNN’s Jim Acosta threw a temper tantrum on live television Tuesday after President Donald Trump didn’t call on him during a press conference with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

While speaking with reporters in the White House, Trump and Bolsonaro took questions from a variety of outlets.

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When the presser was over, Acosta joined CNN host Brooke Baldwin and absolutely melted down that he couldn’t get the microphone and make it all about himself.

Acosta also complained that Brazil’s president used the term “fake news.”

“There was a lot of that going on during this news conference, but I think, Brooke, the thing that has to be noted, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t note it, is that when the President of Brazil mentioned the term ‘fake news,’ he got sort of smile and a nod from President Trump. And, you know, this is something that we’ve seen since President Trump came into office, called this network fake news, his referring to the press as the enemy of the people and so on is that this is a virus that is spreading around the world.”

Acosta then complained that Trump took a question from Daily Caller reporter Saagar Enjeti, who asked the president about the rise of socialism within the Democratic Party heading into the 2020 presidential election.

“You know, it was the question was asked in a way that really teed it up like a game of tee ball here in the Rose Garden. The President was just sort of served up a softball there when he was asked, you know, whether or not the Democrats are advancing a lot of socialist ideas.”

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Acosta rounded out his comments complaining that Trump “talked about this conservative grievance that they’re being discriminated against in social media.”

“He likes to talk about how there’s this media collusion game that is stacked against him when he has one of the most powerful social media voices throughout and so I think that just has to be said as well, it has to be put on the record that he is sort of, you know, pulling a three card monty in terms of, you know, how he’s describing the situation,” Acosta said.

He added: “Conservatives aren’t being discriminated and abused on social media. They have just as much of a landscape that they dominate as the left does and — and one could argue that they have a much bigger footprint when it comes to social media and the media landscape by and large, Brooke.”

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In response to Acosta melting down and attacking him, Enjeti reminded the CNN reporter that journalism is about asking questions, not making everything about themselves.

“I tried something novel. Rather than tell the President what was happening on a particular issue, I asked him to tell me,” Enjeti wrote.

Another day, another Acosta melt down.

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