WATCH: Jake Tapper’s Jaw Hits Floor As Liz Cheney Blasts Elizabeth Warren As A ‘Laughing Stock’

CNN’s Jake Tapper stepped on a rake during Sunday’s edition of “State Of The Union” when Republican Rep. Liz Cheney expertly deflected one of his trademark “gotcha” questions right back into his smug face.

The congresswoman from Wyoming is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and like the old man, she is tough as nails.

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Cheney wasn’t about to be cornered by a smirking weasel like Tapper who tried to bait her into trashing President Trump over the nickname “Pocahontas” that he gave to Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

Warren officially kicked off her 2020 presidential campaign on Saturday and the media is still covering for her despite the growing accumulation of evidence that she has falsified her “Indian” heritage to gain preferential treatment for the entirety of her academic and political career.

Tapper’s jaw hit the floor when Rep. Cheney quickly turned the tables on him with this epic reply.



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Via The Washington Examiner, “Liz Cheney: Elizabeth Warren has become ‘a laughingstock'”:

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., on Sunday took aim at Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren over her claims to Native American ancestry after being asked about President Trump’s apparent reference to the “Trail of Tears” in a tweet mocking the Massachusetts senator.

“You know, I have concerns about somebody like Elizabeth Warren pretending to be a Native American. You are absolutely right, I do represent thousands of Native Americans here in Wyoming, and the notion that anybody of any political party would pretend that they were a member of a tribe or would pretend they were Native American and would do it as she seems to have done it in order to get benefits, that is, in my view, the disgrace,” Cheney said during an interview on CNN. “And so I think she’s made herself a laughingstock.”

Poor Jake, he looks like he really needs a stuffed puppy to clutch after that one.

CNN has even LESS credibility than Senator Warren at this point which really speaks volumes.

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