Watch Interview Of The Year With Palin And Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has already said that

he isn’t against putting former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in an official role in his administration.

Trump exposes the White House by saying, “The White House is not truthful”.

Interview of the Year!!!  Sarah Palin showers Donald Trump with adoration.

Palin overwhelmed the Republican front runner, who has considered her for his team, with praise: ‘Everything about Donald Trump’s campaign is … avant garde’

sarah palin donald trump
Match made in the cosmos: Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

It sounded like a match made in Tea Party heaven and did not disappoint. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump teamed up for a celestial voyage to the solar system where Trump is beloved, Trump is right, and Trump will win.

Palin, moonlighting as a guest host on the One America News Network, promised their encounter on Friday night would be the “interview of the year”. In a strange way, it was compelling.

Nothing substantial happened, but here was Trump subject to gushing adoration, a heroic leader invited to share his wisdom and courage, leaving him unchallenged – and unmoored. The fantasies took flight.

“I’ve said it since the day he made the sacrifice to hit the campaign trail: voters crave the anti-status quo politician,” said Palin, John McCain’s surprise pick for vice-president in 2008, in her introduction, seated alone in a studio that could have been the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

“They want results. They need someone to fire all the politically correct police. This is a movement.” It was a movement so radical, so inspiring, it moved Palin to speak French. “Everything about Donald Trump’s campaign is … avant garde.”

So great was the leading Republican candidate’s star power that hours before the interview viewers trying to figure out how to access the little-know subscription network crashed its website.

“He is crushing it in the polls,” beamed Palin, the obverse to Fox’s grand inquisitor, Megyn Kelly. “Viewers … he’s talking to you. He wants to connect with those who are showing up at the polls.” If this was journalism, it was not as we know it.

Trump appeared via video feed from New York, a plush shopping mall in the background, with his daughter Ivanka’s store over his shoulder in some nifty product placement.

Article continues with Sarah asking Trump great questions. Trumps not political correct answers on the next page.


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