WATCH: Hannity Points Out What’s Missing In The Wall Deal, Offers Trump Critical Piece Of Advice

Fox News host Sean Hannity delivered a must see message on the new border wall deal and offered President Donald Trump a critical piece of advice.

During his show on Monday night, Hannity kicked-off a segment discussing Trump’s massive rally on Monday night in El Paso, Texas.

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The president’s rally was so large that a reported 10,000 people were inside and over 30,000 were watching outside on the big screens.

It was also reported by the Trump campaign that over 70,000 people in total RSVP’d for the event, but not everyone was able to make it.

As Hannity was speaking while the rally was still airing on a split screen, reports broke that Republicans and Democrats had reached a “deal in principle” to avert another government shutdown on Feb. 15.

Hannity called the border wall deal “garbage” and urged Trump to reject it because it doesn’t hardly offer any money to secure the border.

“By the way on this so-called compromise I’m getting details 1.3 billion? That’s not even a wall – barrier! I’m going to say this tonight and by the way we will get back to this tomorrow,” Hannity began.

“Any Republican that supports this garbage compromise, you’ll have to explain, look at the crowd, look at the country, look at CBS News, even they say 72% of the American people want the heroin to stop, the cartels to stop, the gang members to stop,” he continued.

He added: “And those that wish us ill.”

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As reported by I Love My Freedom:

It seemed highly likely that the federal government was going to shut down once again on February 15, following the longest shutdown in American history.

Of course, the 35-day work stoppage originally occurred because Democrats didn’t want to give President Trump money for the border wall.

However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel…

The agreement reached tonight would include:

-$1.375b for border barriers (55 new miles of bollard fencing)
-Dems drop call for new cap on ICE beds for detentions in interior
-Overall cap on detention beds drops from 49,057 to 40,520

Leaders of both parties in the House and Senate resolved a last-minute snag on the number of immigration detention beds during a series of meeting Monday afternoon and evening before signing off on the agreement.

Yet President Donald Trump remains a wild card. The White House had given signals that he would go along with the lower spending levels. But the president has in the past reversed course without warning, as he did last December in blowing up a previous spending accord and triggering a 35-day shutdown.

As noted by Hannity, the deal also refers to it as “barriers” and not a wall, which has many wondering what exactly that means.

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