WATCH THIS: Gun hating Katie Couric caught deceptively editing anti-gun documentary!


We all know that the media has a total liberal bias, but THIS act completely takes the cake.

Watch how her team deceptively adds in 8 seconds of silence after she asks a question, which leads the viewer to believe that she “stumped” the panel.

Now she has come out and admitted fault.

From Fox News:

Katie Couric has reversed course and taken responsibility for an edit that misrepresents the response of gun rights activists to a question she poses in a new documentary.

The segment in “Under the Gun” shows nearly 10 seconds of silence after Couric asks the activists how felons or terrorists could be prevented from purchasing a gun without background checks.

Audio of the exchange leaked last week reveals an almost immediate response to the question.

Couric writes in a message on the film’s website that she regrets not raising her initial concerns about the segment “more vigorously.”

Some sites that the movie had been pulled from Epix, however they told us the move was part of an already planned distribution strategy.

Looks like she got caught RED HANDED and it makes her look even worse! We love exposing the liberal bias in todays media. Please beware of this when you see stories show up in your feed.

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