WATCH: Greenpeace Leader ANNIHILATES Ocasio-Cortez, Says Green New Deal Would ‘End Civilization’

One of the founders of the environmental group Greenpeace annihilated Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Monday night and warned that her Green New Deal would “end civilization.”

During an appearance on Fox News with host Tucker Carlson, Patrick Moore described exactly how the Green New Deal would lead to the U.S. collapsing and around half of the population starving.

“So, you’re one of the founders of the most famous environmental organizations in the world, and you think the ‘Green New Deal’ sounds terrifying. Tell us why,” Carlson asked.

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Moore responded:

Well, because it would be basically the end of civilization if 85% of the world’s and also 85% of the U.S.’s energy in the form of coal, oil, natural gas were phased out over the next few years, like ten years. We do not have anything to replace them with. Yes, if we went into a crash course of building nuclear reactors, we could replace them for producing electricity.

But that isn’t going to happen because the Greens are against nuclear and they are even against hydroelectric dams which at least is renewable. But they don’t support that either. So basically they are opposed to approximately 98.5% of all the electricity that we are using and nearly 100% of all of the vehicle and transportation and ships and planes energy that we are using.


There’s these things called tractors and they use fuel, and all the other implements on the farm, and then there’s the transportation.

So when you have no fuel, how do you get the food to the center of New York, to Manhattan, where AOC is from? You don’t. Then the people there will begin to starve and that will spread out as a rot from the center of the metropolises all across the country, and half the population will die in a very short period of time.

So just that one point, never mind the insanity of banning aircraft and fossil fuel-using vehicles.

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Carlson responded by saying, “Well, you’ve just completely blown my mind. And I knew some of that, but the way you put it was really stirring.”


The Green New Deal has also been heavily criticized for how much it will cost taxpayers.

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A new study reveals that the price tag for socialist measure comes out to $7 trillion.

In fact, a second study found that the estimated $7 trillion projected cost is painfully low, and that it could actually cost nearly $50 trillion, which would be roughly seven — SEVEN — times more than that.

The “Green New Deal” will cost approximately $49.109 trillion in the first ten years, enough to fund Trump’s border wall 8,616 times over. The president is requesting $5.7 billion for the wall.

Ocasio-Cortez has also called for a smart power grid to replace the U.S. power grid, an estimated cost of $338 billion on the low-end ($476 billion on the high-end), according to the Electric Power Research Institute. This kind of transition may be a good idea in general, but it drives up the cost of the “Green New Deal.”

All that “free” stuff Ocasio-Cortez keeps promising sure is expensive, and experts argue it will literally end all of civilization is implemented.

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