WATCH: Glenn Beck Unveils Damning Audio On Ukraine And Hillary, But MSM Looks the Other Way

No need to dilly-dally here.

Let’s just get right into it.

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Glenn Beck has the details…

“I don’t know how, but the Americans got an audio recording of Mr. Sytnik’s conversation: He is resting with his family & friends & discussing how he would like to help Hillary.”

@glennbeck reveals the Ukraine transcript the media isn’t talking about.


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This is one of the most informative videos I have watched in a long long time. It seems so simple when it’s laid out to see exactly who needs to be taken down, yet they make it so damn convoluted intentionally. I have to wonder does @realDonaldTrump & will @TheJusticeDept use it

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This episode was an excellent breakdown of the situation. The mainstream media in this country are unacceptably ridiculous

Re-up this on Sunday or Monday morning, please. This will get ignored or lost on a late Friday night.

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H/T: Twitchy