WATCH: Glenn Beck GOES OFF On The Liberal Media For Worshiping Native American Activist

The Blaze’s Glenn Beck slammed the liberal media on Tuesday for worshiping the Native American activist who has been lying about the “confrontation” with pro-Trump students.

During a segment on the “Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Beck responded to the viral video of several Covington Catholic High School students and Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist, at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

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Several far-left Twitter users took the video out of context and spread false claims over the weekend that the students, who were wearing red “MAGA” hats, were harassing Phillips.

The liberal media has run wild with an all-out smear campaign against the boys — and Beck was not happy about it.

“This man is a despicable liar, and the media held him up. And they are still holding him up,” Glenn said. “And the media never did any of this work. They never looked at the entire body of evidence to find out what really happened. They saw young white boys from a Christian school wearing MAGA hats and instantly handed out a verdict of guilty.”

Beck then detailed how Phillips story of the “confrontation” as drastically changed in the past week.

Phillips first claimed that the students surrounded him after he tried to stop a confrontation between the Covington boys and members of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Here’s what Phillips told CNN:

“Then there was this young group of young students that came there and were offended by their speech, and it escalated into an ugly situation that I found myself in the middle of. Yeah, I found myself in the middle of it, sort of woke up to it … It looked like these young men were going to attack these guys. They were going to hurt them. They were going to hurt them because they didn’t like the color of their skin. They didn’t like their religious views.”

Later, Phillips changed his story when speaking with the Detroit Free Press, admitting that he, not the Covington students, initiated the contact.

He then claimed the students were actually then ones who were attacking the Black Israelites.

“They were in the process of attacking these four black individuals. I was there and I was witnessing all of this … As this kept on going on and escalating, it just got to a point where you do something or you walk away, you know? You see something that is wrong and you’re faced with that choice of right or wrong.”

Watch below:

Beck noted that video evidence clearly shows that Phillips is lying about what happened.

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Glenn then said he stands behind the Covington students.

“We must stand up for these boys in Covington. They’ve had death threats. Their school is shut down today. These boys are heroes who tried to do the right thing and were betrayed, betrayed by the group of people they were trying to assist and help. And then betrayed by the media. They were betrayed by their own principal, their own priest, their own church, their own Archdiocese, their own mayor. It’s despicable what has happened. These boys, I would be proud to call my own son. The parents of these boys are under attack. Some of them are being attacked at work. These boys are innocent, not just innocent, but the story you have been told is the exact opposite.”

As more videos emerged, it became clear that none of the Covington students did anything at all while Phillips was aggressively hammering his drum in their faces.

Below is the video evidence proving that Phillips approached them:

Many agree with Beck that this is nothing more than a total smear job from the liberal media.

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