WATCH: Former Obama Border Chief Leaves CNN Host Speechless With POWERFUL Defense Of Trump

The former Border Patrol chief who served in President Barack Obama’s administration left a CNN host speechless over the weekend when he detailed exactly why he supports President Donald Trump on the border wall.

During a segment Sunday on CNN, Mark Morgan left anchor Ana Cabrera grasping at straws when he detailed why Trump was correct to declare a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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The segment took a turn soon after Cabrera attempted to act as if she knew more about border security than the former head of Border Patrol.

“Your reaction to the president declaring a national emergency?” Cabrera questioned Morgan.

“From my experience as a law enforcement and border security aspect. Not from some political ideology right or left. In my opinion, the president had no choice. Congress has failed,” Morgan said.

“They continue to fail, this bill was a failure with respect to doing what the men and women, the experts who have the tools and assets they need,” he added.

Morgan continued, “They left the president no choice but to do what he’s doing. Your last guest, with all due respect, he can’t speak for the men and women of the united States border patrol, I can. I was there, and I feel comfortable speaking for them.”

“Right now, they are applauding this president. He is listening to them, especially with the facts of the drugs coming through the ports, the president is right,” Morgan said.

Cabrera, who appeared to be stunned and looking for a way to counter Morgan’s argument, responded by trying to push the former Border Patrol chief to bash Trump.

“First of all, let’s take that apart real quickly. One of the reasons they’ve gone down is because we’ve applied a multilayered strategy of barriers, technology and personnel. Which is what the experts are still wanting the Congress to do. The other element of that —,” Morgan said before Cabrera interrupted him.

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“Congress did just do that in the border security spending bill. It was $23 billion total when it comes to border security with the barrier being 1.375 billion of that,” Cabrera said.

“That’s the key part. They didn’t give him resources, they’re not giving him enough technology and they’re not giving him the physical barrier, which is the key element of that multilayered strategy, which has reduced the illegal immigration we talk about,” Morgan fired back.

“It’s only 23 miles of physical barrier, technology and personnel. The illegal immigration went from 150,000 to 15,000. It works, we need more of it, and experts will tell you they need more of it, Congress is not listening to them,” he said.


Cabrera tried a new defense, and cited one report that migrants used a ladder in Arizona to jump the wall.

The CNN host thought she had him, but Morgan was ready and fired back with more facts.

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“That wall is an ineffective wall. It needs to be replaced and upgraded. No one has ever said that a wall is 100% effective. That’s the false narrative. Sure it’s going to be defeated. It’s still 80 to 90% effective. When is the last time a 99% effective strategy all of a sudden you say it doesn’t work. Of course they’re going to get over it, under it, over all, it’s effective,” he said.

“I hear what you’re saying, but is it an emergency? On the issue of the drugs, we’re about the facts first here on CNN. The president said it’s wrong, it’s alive. Most drugs come through ports of entry, we know there are drugs coming through across the border, it’s DEA. Customs and border statistics in a tell us otherwise. Do you have a problem with the president misleading the public on this. Maybe he’s twisting the facts here. There is some drugs coming across in ports of entry. That’s not the majority,” Cabrera said.

“That’s false,” Morgan fired back.

“Your previous guest is twisting it, let’s break that down a little bit. The statistics, we’re talking about those drugs that are addictive. If you look at meth, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. The majority comes at the ports, you throw in marijuana, which a lot of people don’t want to talk about, pound for pound, the overall drugs, are seized in between the ports,” he added.

Morgan continued, “What no one talks to is the border is 60% porous. There’s not enough technology personnel or infrastructure to adequately safeguard these borders. We don’t know what’s getting so the experts will tell you, for every pound of narcotics that’s seized in between the ports, there are countless getting through that will never know. The president is right on that.”

Cabrera was visibly stunned throughout the segment as Morgan dismantled every single argument and theory that she tried.

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