WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Grabs Young Boy’s Arm And YANKS Him At Campaign Rally

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, announced over the weekend that she’s officially running for president, but her interaction with a young boy is catching some serious attention.

During an event on Saturday in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to officially announce her candidacy, Warren spent most of her speech railing against President Donald Trump, but something bizarre happened when it was over.

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When the event concluded, Warren remained on the stage and waved to the people in attendance.

After she hugged one woman, Warren then grabbed a young boy in a blue jacket by his arm and bizarrely yanked him over toward her.

It looked like she was aggressively pulling the boy over to her for a photo-op because apparently she thinks it will help her chances of winning the Democratic nomination and taking on Trump.


Warren had countless bizarre and embarrassing moments throughout her speech over the weekend.

The Massachusetts progressive said replacing Trump was only the first step in fighting back against a system she claims is titled to only benefit the wealthy.

“It won’t be enough to just undo the terrible acts of this administration. We can’t afford to just tinker around the edges — a tax credit here, a regulation there. Our fight is for big, structural change,” Warren said.

Ironically, Warren was completely oblivious to the fact that she was essentially raging against herself.

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Warren is worth millions of dollars and cheated the system for years early in her career to help advance herself.

On countless documents in Texas and Massachusetts, Warren falsely claimed that she was Native American in order to receive special treatment.

She cheated the system for years to fraudulently and selfishly advance her own interests and she’s only interested in going after people now that she’s amassed millions.

Warren went on to describe the American economy as tilted against the middle class, arguing that only the wealthy and political powerful are doing well since Trump took office.

“Today, millions and millions and millions of American families are also struggling to survive in a system that’s been rigged, rigged by the wealthy and the well-connected,” Warren said.

She added: “Like the women of Lawrence, we are here to say enough is enough!”

That’s another outright false statement.

The United States has the hottest economy in the world, which can be traced back to Trump’s policies and goals.

The markets have remained at historic highs for over a year, over five million new jobs have been created, unemployment for minorities is at an all-time low, many Americans are getting off food stamps and government assistance, and there’s now more jobs available in the country than people who are unemployed.

There are literally so many jobs available in the U.S. that every single person looking for work could be employed.

Warren should spend more time brushing up on the facts instead of yanking children for photo-ops.

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