WATCH: Don Lemon Wants Trump’s Speech Delayed So They Can “Fact Check” Before Making It Public

The announcement that President Trump would be giving a surprise unscheduled prime time speech to the nation from the Oval Office immediately sent the mainstream media into a state of panic.

There was initially some question as to whether the networks would even air the president but the optics of such a radical act of censorship would have done much to prove Trump’s ongoing condemnation of the fake news media which is already distrusted and despised by a considerable chunk of the population.

While the nets capitulated rather than deal with the terrible optics, CNN continues to resist the right of the American people to hear their leader speak on the critical matters of the border wall, national security, and the government shutdown.

Adding to that, CNN’s Don Lemon has called for the speech to be delayed so that it can be selectively edited before the public is allowed to hear it.

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According to Newsbusters, “Don Lemon Questions Why Media Should Air Trump’s ‘Propaganda’ Address”:

Throughout Monday, there were debates going on amongst liberal media executives regarding whether or not to air President Trump’s address to the nation about border security Tuesday night. By the end of the day, the major cable news outlets, as well as all three network broadcasters, announced they would carry it. But during CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon wasn’t sure they should for fear of Trump.

Despite saying President Trump “should be given the bully pulpit, he owns it,” Lemon was concerned about letting America’s elected leader speak to the people. “But you’re giving him the opportunity to speak to the United States unfettered—to speak to the people of the United State and this President has a problem with the truth,” he declared to Prime Time host Chris Cuomo as they were transitioning shows.

Shockingly, Cuomo was the voice of reason. “You let him speak, and then you hold him to account,” he began. “I think that’s the right move. I know a lot of people are upset about it. I hear you. I read my Twitter feed. I get it. But I think it’s also the right thing to do. And it’s the right thing to do to check him and that’s what we’ll do.”

But Lemon still had his doubts. His hang up? The people would believe what their President said:

Listen, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do it, but do you think it should be — I don’t know — a delay of some sort, and then you can — because people believe it. The President will say what he has to say. People will believe it whether the facts are true or not. I guess that’s the chance you take with any president….But this one is different. And then by the time the rebuttals come on, we’ve already promoted propaganda possibly, unless he gets up there and tells the truth.

“He has his right to make the argument to the American people. And by the way, wanting barriers along the border is not propaganda,” Cuomo countered. “It’s not immoral. It’s not wrong.” To try to quell his colleague’s fears, Cuomo assured Lemon the media would take the time to fact check him.

CNN has reason to fear that people will believe Trump instead of their propaganda.

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Speaking directly to live audiences and circumventing the biased mainstream media was the secret of candidate Trump’s success when he barnstormed the country during the GOP primaries and then leading up to the election because Don Lemon be damned, there are a lot of ordinary folks who understand that they have been hoodwinked too many times by CNN and Big Media.

They likely won’t delay the speech but CNN will placate the demands of Chuck and Nancy by giving the Democrats equal time.

Talk about state-run media.

The speech will be carried live on all networks on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET.

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