WATCH: Cohen Makes DAMAGING Admission; Says He Met With Top Dem To Prepare For His Testimony

Michael Cohen testified to Congress on Wednesday in an effort to take down President Trump with the hope that his prison sentence would be lessened.

The hearing was just conveniently planned during President Trump’s visit to Vietnam where he is discussing denuclearization with Kim Jong Un.

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It seems that Democrats care more about taking down Trump than achieving world peace.

During the testimony, Cohen admitted that he prepared his testimony with the DNC, Adam Schiff, Democratic Party leadership, Chairman Cummings and other individuals in the Democratic party.

That tells you all you need to know about Cohen’s motives for testifying.

Check out what Benny Johnson said on Twitter.

Schiff has been the leader of the “Trump Russia Collusion” conspiracy theory and has a history of shady activities himself.

One can say that Schiff himself is colluding with Cohen in preparation for the testimony.

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This story, which has gotten little to no attention from the media, is an eye opener and it presents many questions of Schiff’s ability to lead investigations in the House if he is so willing to abuse the law himself.

Check out what Charlie Kirk said on Twitter.


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The whole purpose of the hearing is to create new talking points for the Liberal Media since the “Russian collusion” conspiracy is failing.

It also gives Michael Chen the opportunity to gain fame.

Maybe he will sign a book deal just like Andrew McCabe!

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