WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Arrogantly Claims Only ‘Sophisticated’ People Can See There’s Collusion

Don’t listen to reason. Just because the Mueller report clearly states that there was “no collusion” between the Russians and Trump, his associates, or any American.

Just don’t listen — that’s the message from CNN and countless other Fake News media sites as of late. It’s absolutely reprehensible.

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Even more reprehensible was the recent assertion from CNN’s Chris Cuomo that you are not “sophisticated” if you can’t see that there was collusion all over the place. Can you believe it?

As reported by Newsbusters:

There was collusion and so much collusion that we’re swimming it! That’s according to bombastic CNN host Chris Cuomo and washed up Watergate-era reporter Carl Bernstein. Not only was there “a ton of collusion” but if you didn’t realize that after reading the Mueller Report, you’re just not that smart and too political, they declared late Thursday afternoon.

Despite the many “bombshells” reports that blew up in the media’s collective faces over the last two years, Bernstein insisted the Special Counsel report was “the connective tissue that explains everything almost we’ve been reporting over the past two years.”

What a shocker. The left-wing media is doing damage control for their lies and slander of President Trump over the past two years? Tell me more!

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Newsbusters continues the story:

Among their false narratives was their claim President Trump colluded with Russia and was really a Russian spy asset. According to Bernstein they only people who could see that evidence in Robert Mueller’s report were smart, good people: “It’s here in substance, in nuance, in context and it is there for all people of good will in this country, if they are not so dug in politically or ideologically to process information and make some sophisticated judgments about the behavior of everybody I’ve mentioned here.

Cuomo was in full agreement that only smart people could find collusion in the report. He even argued that Mueller had found so much collusion that you shouldn’t try to deny it.

Here were his exact words from the program:

Sophisticated judgment is the operative phrase because I don’t know how, in good conscience, if you have a dose of shame in you — and you want to support the President, that is fine, stick to criminality. Stay away from the word collusion, because there is a ton of collusion. There is a ton of clever secretive behavior and Mueller lays it all out. The idea that there is nothing in here or that it was a witch hunt or this is a hoax, I don’t know how they make that case in good conscious anymore.”

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To see the video of the aforementioned Cuomo folly, click below:

So how do they do it? For someone who speaks of making one’s case “in good conscience,” how do they follow their own admonition here? Probably by changing their definition of “collusion.”

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It’s no secret that Cuomo has been redefining the word for quite some time. Just look at how he defined it back in March:

“Collusion is when you are doing sneaky things with people you know you are not supposed to do it with. Might it be a crime, maybe, maybe not. That is what was going on with the Trump people and we don’t know whether or not the president knew about it. They may not be crimes, but shouldn’t they be things the American people know about?”

It’s pretty sad when an anticipated hoax-report comes out stating that there was “no collusion” and you feel like you have to drill down on “collusion” when there was literally “no collusion.”  How will his ratings fare?

In a pathetic way, I feel sad for him. One thing is for certain: It’s a horrible time to be a liberal news media reporter.

What are your thoughts on the left-wing media’s denial about collusion? Leave your thoughts in the box below!

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