WATCH: Clintons Stare Forward, Don’t Shake Hands With Trumps At Bush Funeral

Bill and Hillary Clinton are apparently still very upset about the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

During the funeral on Wednesday for former President George H.W. Bush in Washington, D.C., several former presidents and lawmakers attended the service.

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When the Trumps were being escorted into the service, they acknowledged and shook hands with former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, whom they were sitting by.

The Clintons were sitting on the other side of the Obamas and they did not shake hands or acknowledge the Trumps.

Watch below:

Below is a video of the Trumps shaking hands and being cordial with the Obamas.

The tweet below features an image of the Trumps shaking hands with the Obamas.

Viewers will notice that as Bill glances over toward the Trumps, Hillary stares straight ahead and refuses to even look at President Trump.

While they have certainly had their differences, many on social media applauded the Trumps and Obamas for being cordial.

On the other hand, it was more than noticeable that the Clintons, particularly Hillary, appeared completely uninterested in acknowledging the Trumps or speaking to them.

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Sadly, Clinton’s behavior on Wednesday wasn’t all that surprising given she has constantly attacked Trump since her embarrassing loss two years ago.

Less than two weeks ago, the twice failed presidential candidate said Trump has a long “streak of racism” and “the whole package of bigotry.”

“This is a person who believes in very little, but he does have visceral responses to what goes on in the world around him. He does have a strong streak of racism that goes back to his early years,” Clinton said.

She added: “I include his anti-immigrant tirades because he characterizes immigrants in very racially derogatory ways, but he was Islamophobic, he was anti-women, he really had the whole package of bigotry that he was putting on offer to those who were intrigued and attracted to him.”

Before that, Clinton ignited a firestorm online when she wore a “muumuu” to attack Trump.

Speaking at OzyFest in New York, Clinton insulted Americans, and said anyone who doesn’t believe Trump’s policies are hurting America isn’t “walking around with their eyes open.”

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Last month, Clinton appeared to imply that newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will lead America back to the days of slavery. Clinton said Kavanaugh being on the Supreme Court will return the country to 1850 — when the atrocities of slavery were taking place.

In March, she speculated that Americans only voted for Trump because they “didn’t like black people getting rights.”

Clinton, who is obviously still deeply upset about her embarrassing loss in the election, has clearly been saying whatever she can to remain relevant.

And now, she is apparently still so bitter that she can’t even look at the Trumps.

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