WATCH: Chris Wallace tries to give Putin indictment papers from Mueller; Putin has NONE of it

During a heated interview on Monday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace tried to “poke the bear” and continue to insist that Russia is guilty of hacking the 2016 election. He even tried to take things one step further and hand Putin INDICTMENT PAPERS from Robert Mueller, but Putin wasn’t playing his games whatsoever.

Wallace interviewed Putin right after the his private meeting and public news conference with President Donald Trump, and things got heated quickly. Wallace dug into the election meddling topic, which clearly irritated Putin.

Then, when Wallace tried to hand Putin the Mueller indictment, Putin clearly had ENOUGH.

“I have here the indictment that was presented on Friday from the Special Counsel Robert Mueller that says that 12 members of the Russian military intelligence,the GRU. They talk specially about unites 26165 and 74455 they say”, Wallace said as Putin interjected with a laugh and a scoff.

“You smile, let me finish,” Wallace insisted.

“They say that these units were specifically involved in hacking into Democratic Party computers stealing information and spreading it to the world to try to disrupt the American election. May I give this to you to look at sir?”, Wallace said while trying to hand a stack of papers to the Russian President.

Then, Putin did a short hand motion telling Wallace to set it down on the table. Putin was clearly having NOTHING to do with Wallace’s games.

Watch this fascinating moment below:

Putin responded, “Well let me start answering your question with something a little bit different. Let’s look at this way. People are talking bout the purported interference with Russia in the election process in the United States. I mentioned this in 2016 and I will say it again, and I really wish for your American listeners to listen to what I say. First of all, Russia as a state has never interfered with internal affairs of the United States, let alone it’s elections,” Putin responded.

In order to see the ENTIRE interview between President Putin and Chris Wallace, watch below:

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