WATCH: Border Wall Gets Called A “Medieval Solution,” Trump Has Perfect Answer

President Donald Trump was talking to a small group of reporters in the Oval Office on Wednesday after signing a bipartisan anti-human trafficking legislation..

After signing and talking briefly with reporters, the conversation somehow pivoted into a chat about the proposed wall along the border between the United States and Mexico.

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Trump stated that “they” said the border wall is a “medieval solution” and then gave the perfect answer to anyone suggesting that the wall is reminiscent of ancient strategies.

“It’s medieval because it worked then and it works even better now,” Trump said, adding that Israel “put up a wall and they don’t have a problem anymore.”

Watch the video:

Trump has faced scrutiny from liberals over his border wall ideas, but much of the criticism comes packaged with hypocrisy.

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Multiple big-name Democrats have pushed for tough immigration reform and strong borders. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer have all spoken about the need for strong borders.

Multiple locations along the border of Mexico and the U.S. already have barrier like structures or fences.

Replacing those with a stronger barrier will be a much more difficult deterrent for drug and human smugglers to cross.

The bill allocates $430 million and is designed to fight human trafficking comes from New Jersey representative Chris Smith.

It’s named after Frederick Douglas and is the “fifth anti-human trafficking law from Smith, a Republican representing the 4th Congressional district.

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The $430 million that will be spent over four years in the latest bill includes funding for:

Age-appropriate prevention education for children
Shelter, therapy, and reintegration for trafficking victims
Facilitation of trafficking-free supply chains in U.S. commerce
Training of U.S. government officials and airline industry employees to better identify and prevent possible cases of trafficking
Oversight to ensure that U.S. government purchases are not employing traffickers

“In the fight to end modern day slavery, my law honors the extraordinary legacy of one of the greatest Americans who ever lived,” Smith stated in a press release.

Trump and Democrats are at a standstill with government spending and the government remains shut down.

The president addressed the nation last night, followed by a response from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who both looked like wax figures as they were turned into memes across social media.

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