WATCH: Bernie Goes On Record, Says You WILL Pay Higher Taxes And No More Private Insurance

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders figures to be one of two men standing at the end of the day when Democrats decide on their presidential nominee.

If the socialist somehow gets the nod and goes on to defeat President Trump in the general election, he promises your taxes will rise and there will be no more private insurance companies.

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In other words, full-on socialism.

Bernie noted, “What Medicare For All does is it eliminates your private health insurance…premiums. You’re not going to be paying that. You’re not going to be paying co-payments. You’re not going to be paying deductibles. …Will you be paying more in taxes? Yes you will!


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Sanders and fellow candidate “Beto” O’Rourke spoke at a forum for “women of color.”

You know, because everything has to be about race for the left.

Unfortunately for both liberals candidates, they were heckled.

From Free Beacon:

Sanders and O’Rourke, both white and male, were among several Democratic candidates for president to speak at the She the People presidential forum. The organization describes itself as “a national network connecting women of color to transform our democracy.”

Whereas Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) had “some breakthrough moments,” as MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson put it, Sanders and O’Rourke struggled.

“Both got a little less than warm reception from the roughly 1,500 black, Latino, Asian, Native American, Arab American women in the room, with Sanders at one point even getting heckled,” Jackson said.

The Vermont socialist and independent drew derisive laughter when pointing to his record on race. He reminded the audience that he marched with Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., drawing hoots from the crowd.

“Black women will be an integral part of what our campaign and our administration is about,” he said over boos and shouts.


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Robert Francis O’Rourke, is Irish. That much is clear.

Why, or how, he took the nickname “Beto” makes little sense, but it plays extremely well with his far-left base.

What’s wild is that the Associated Press is saying O’Rourke spoke to a rally crowd in his “native Spanish.”

You know, because all Irish-Americans grow up speaking Espanol!

From NewsBusters:

How far will the liberal media go to boost Beto O’Rourke’s Hispanic street cred? In an article published today, the Associated Press wrote that in a speech he gave in his hometown of El Paso [emphasis added] :

O’Rourke also spoke at length in his native Spanish, eliciting loud and sustained cheers.”

“Native Spanish?” Sorry, AP, but Beto is an American-born, fourth-generation Irish-American. He doesn’t seem ever to have lived in a Spanish-speaking country. His native language is inglés–sorry, English.

This tweet contains a clip of Beto speaking Spanish in an interview with Jorge Ramos. Truly native Spanish speakers will immediately note that whereas Beto speaks well, he has a noticeable American accent and that his grammar and syntax are far from perfect.

It looks like the AP, along with many in the mainstream media, are doing everything they can to prop up Beto in order to take down President Trump.

Could that be any more clear?

What’s next? Will the AP claim Bernie speaks in his native French!?