WATCH: Bernie Cowardly HIDES In Elevator To Avoid Questions About Dem Accused Of Assault

Capitol Hill reporter Henry Rodgers from the Daily Caller News Foundation posted a hilarious video of Senator Bernie Sanders rushing to an elevator and purposely avoiding a question about VA Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax and the person accusing him of sexual assault.

The video appears to show Sanders being asked if he believes the accuser, but Sanders remains quiet and continues walking to an elevator, gets in, and the door closes without the question being answered.

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It’s quite odd that Sanders won’t at least answer the question as he’s walking, but instead comes off as unapproachable and ignorant in his refusal to even talk to the person asking the question, based on what the video shows.


Fairfax accused of sexual assault, but Democrats do not appear to give his accuser the same treatment that they gave to Christine Blasey Ford when Brett Kavanaugh faced similar allegations.

This is a great test for “believe all accusers” which was spoken among Democratic social media circles, but it appears it doesn’t work that way when the accused is a Democrat themselves.

As of yet, there does not appear to be much of a story with Fairfax and his accuser, however the unequal treatment of the situation is what many people have noticed. Kavanaugh suffered through protests and sideshows by Democrats, but the same people going after the then-Supreme Court nominee aren’t going to the same extremes for Fairfax.

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If Bernie Sanders was asked about Brett Kavanaugh, there’s a really good chance he would stop to answer any question thrown his way provided it talked poorly of a Republican. The moment he’s asked about a member of the Democratic Party, he waddled his way to an elevator and beams himself to another floor.

This was also Bernie Sanders “on the phone” to avoid a conversation.

That’s the type of double standard that American voters are tired of.

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