WATCH: Alabama Football Players Do Something TOTALLY Unexpected During White House Visit

On Tuesday, Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide football players made the most out of their White House visit, and much of it went unreported by the media.

With past visits from sports teams, the media did their best to highlight and prop up anyone who would boycott the visit, but they were unable to write about that this time because NONE of the players boycotted!

President Trump welcomed the team on Tuesday to celebrate their National Title that they clinched in January of this year. The entire ceremony was special, but something amazing happened afterwards that the media is NOT talking about.

After Trump lauded praise on Alabama for their amazing victory over Georgia in the National Championship game, punter J.K. Scott took Trump aside and asked if he could pray for him and the White House staff.

What happened next is the media’s worst nightmare.

A handful of Scott’s teammates, white and black, gathered around Trump and prayed together in a beautiful show of unity.

Watch below:

As the Daily Caller points out, Alabama head coach Nick Saban made sure that players didn’t protest this White House visit. According to their reporting, every player on the championship team but one attended the White House on Tuesday. Unfortunately Terrell Lewis, who grew up just 25 miles from the White House, could not attend due to a death in the family.

Take a look at these images of the prayer circle:

Here’s how Twitter reacted to this beautiful moment:

God bless these young men! Comment below with your reaction to this amazing moment…