WATCH: 100 Climate Change Alarmists Hold Large Funeral For…A Glacier

This sounds like a story straight from The Babylon Bee. It’s not, though.

Radical liberals will rejoice over the thought of aborting babies but have the stones to hold a funeral service for a glacier.

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No joke.


Iceland just held a funeral for its first ever glacier lost to climate change.

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Officials and climate change activists hold a funeral for the Okjokull glacier in Iceland

From The Hill:

Scientists and activists said their final goodbyes to “Ok,” the first glacier lost to climate change, on Sunday in Iceland, according to The Associated Press.

Okjökull, known as “Ok,” became the first glacier in Iceland to lose its title due to climate change in 2014, the AP noted.

Icelandic geologist Oddur Sigurðsson reportedly said that while Ok was the first glacier to disappear, more across the nation will be gone in 200 years.

About 100 people attended the gathering to remember the glacier that once stretched six square miles, the news service reported.


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Wait, what?!: The glacier “has died at the age of about 700”.

If CO2 is the glacier control knob, why was this glacier only 700 years old? Why wasn’t there a glacier there when CO2 was lower just over 700 years ago? #ClimateReality

Did they think it would be there forever?

What historical bases do that have to assume glaciers don’t melt? Ever?

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