WaPo: Hispanic contractors are getting DEATH THREATS from Anti-Trumpers for wanting to work on Border Wall


Liberals are all for minorities….until those same minorities disagree with their political viewpoints.

Once they do that, apparently all bets are off. Not only do liberals suddenly get flat out mean, but they also get violent as hell. According to reports from the Washington Post, Hispanics who want to work on Trump’s border wall are actually getting DEATH THREATS!

More from the Washington Post:

“For the few Hispanic-owned construction firms daring to bid on building a piece of President Trump’s border wall, this is the emotional price of doing business.

Owners say they have been accused of betraying their community. Some say they have had to swallow their own qualms about Trump’s contentious immigration policies.

“A lot of people are saying, ‘You’re Latino. How can you build a wall to keep other Latinos out?’ We had to do a lot of soul-searching before we jumped into this because it’s obviously a very, very controversial topic,” said Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga, chief executive and owner of the Penna Group, a firm based in Fort Worth.

Evangelista-Ysasaga, whose grandparents emigrated from Mexico, said he fielded five death threats one morning alone this week from “random people calling into the office and just screaming.”

Every sovereign nation has a duty to defend its borders, he told callers. Unfortunately, he said, a “certain segment” of American Latinos have cast supporters of the border wall as “racist.”

Work on the border wall has stirred such impassioned reactions that only a tiny fraction of the country’s nearly half-million Hispanic-owned construction firms are even considering profiting from Trump’s wall.

Of the approximately 200 companies that have responded to the federal government’s two requests for proposals for a solid concrete border wall and another wall design, at least 32 companies are Hispanic-owned, according to a Washington Post analysis of a federal database. The deadline for proposals has been extended to April 4.

Construction executives, in interviews with The Post, said they weighed their misgivings about building the border wall against the benefits of providing jobs, growing their businesses, improving the local economy and having the ability to influence the construction of a safer, more humane wall.

“I try to be politically neutral in my decision-making process,” said Al Anderson, general manager of KWR Construction, a Hispanic-owned firm based in Sierra Vista, Ariz., that helped build the border fence as well as related roads and lighting. “We want whatever jobs here along the border that we can get, and set aside our personal beliefs to support our employees.”

This is downright SAD!!!

How can liberals claim to be tolerant when they pull crap like this? Let the people take the damn job!! In all honesty, if liberals keep acting like this we can easily pencil Trump in for a 2020 election victory.

What do you think?