WATCH: Here’s the moment Sarah Sanders called “One of the most POWERFUL moments of my life”

Trump loves our Veterans

President Trump loves our military. He shows such respect each time He comes by them. Following Christmas tradition Trump spent some time visiting our injured veterans at Walter Reed Hospital. Sarah Sanders was able to join him.

While at the hospital Trump gave one man his purple heart. Sarah Sanders captured this moment and called it “one of the most powerful moments of my life”. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Daily Caller Reports:

There were no official events on President Trump’s White House schedule Thursday. Many assumed that was in order to have leverage to orchestrate the signing of the Republican tax bill.

So when the president exited the White House unannounced, many reporters we’re puzzled.

Instead of a ceremony for the legislation,  Trump spent his day at Walter Reed Hospital.

The hospital is the largest military hospital in the country and is the first stop stateside for many wounded American military members.

Trump’s unannounced visit included meeting with wounded active-duty service members and their families. When the president arrived at the hospital, he sat with family members of the wounded.

Then Trump had a much more solemn duty.

The president pinned Purple Hearts on members of the military who had been wounded serving their country. The Purple Heart is a honor given to those who are wounded in combat and was established by George Washington.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders posted this photo on Twitter with the caption:

One of the most powerful moments of my life watching POTUS give the Purple Heart to this American Hero. Amazed by the strength and resilience of the men and women in our Armed Forces.


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