VIDEO: Reporter who broke “Comey Memo” story admits he HASN’T EVEN SEEN THE MEMOS!

Son of a…

NY Times reporter Michael Schmidt told Brian Williams that he hadn’t seen the memos that James Comey allegedly wrote. “Someone that had seen them recounted details to me,” Schmidt said. This is a truly DESPICABLE way of reporting that violates just about every journalistic standard out there.

Of course, we didn’t really expect the NY Times to show any kind of journalistic excellence to begin with.

Watch below as this liberal moron ADMITS he hasn’t seen them, but that “someone recounted the details” to him:

Think about this:

This “journalist” published a story in one of the country’s largest publications where his source was someone READING this “memo” to him. How in the HELL can you even confirm that source!?

Well I have a few questions for the NY Times…

WHEN was this memo even written and HOW can you prove it?

How do you know Comey just didn’t write that this week?

When will you turn the memo over for the world to see???

As we stated earlier, the NY Times better PRAY TO GOD that the Comey Memo is real, especially because Jason Chaffetz has ordered a subpoena of it.

We will keep you updated as this story continues to unfold…