VIDEO: Newt Gingrich praises Trump for giving himself an HONEST grade

Newt Gingrich is very proud of President Trump for giving himself a C+ for messaging.

This must of been hard for Trump but it goes to show how honest he is. Newt explains more about the type of person President Trump really is.

Story from Newsmax:

Gingrich: Trump’s ‘C-Plus’ Grade on Messaging ‘Accurate’

(Fox News/”Fox & Friends”)

President Donald Trump’s willingness to give himself a “C or a C-Plus” on his messaging was surprising, but pleasing and accurate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday.

“I have watched him in the first few weeks really begin to grow into the job,” Gingrich told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” following Trump’s comments, made during an exclusive interview with the early morning show. 

“I thought this interview was as good as he has been, partly because he was — this is not a guy who gives himself a C easily. I’m glad he didn’t blame anybody else. He is the guy because of the power of his voice and his tweets and everything else.”

Trump does need to think through how he delivers his message, though, as “nobody else can do it for him,” said Gingrich. “You can’t surround Donald Trump and get him to do things.”

Meanwhile, Trump is facing questions about reports that some of his campaign staff had contacts with Russia during the election, and demands are being made for an independent investigation into the matter, and Gingrich said Trump needs to have someone coordinating the response to the public.