[Video] MSNBC Guest Makes It Clear – ‘Democracy Means TAKING Power And Wealth’

The meaning of “democracy” should be very clear, especially to proud Americans.

And yet, a certain MSNBC guest seemed to not understand such a simple concept.

Waleed Shahid believes “democracy” means “taking power and wealth from those who hoard it.

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From Free Beacon:

MSNBC panelists struggled Thursday to explain the concept of democracy while considering the rise of socialist ideas in the United States.

The discussion on MSNBC Live, hosted by Katy Tur, led off with a discussion about the latest college admissions scandal. The Department of Justice charged dozens of wealthy parents this week with fraudulently securing college admission for their children.


Democratic strategist Waleed Shahid insisted the college scandal proved the need for radical proposals, no matter their financial absurdity. “I think we need politicians who are going to produce solutions as big as the problems that people face,” he said. “That’s the reason that things like Medicare for all and the Green New Deal are catching on.”

Shahid is the communications director for Justice Democrats and previously worked for both Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.). Both lawmakers support the policy proposals he referenced. Costs associated with implementing the Green New Deal would approach $100 trillion, according to a recent study from the American Action Forum. Existing Medicare costs are already the principal driver of the ballooning deficit.


Shahid had a particular vision of democracy. “Democracy should mean taking power and wealth from those who hoard it, and making sure it belongs to everyone,” he said.

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MSNBC also recently allowed a man to go on air and spew a conspiracy theory that hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett was framed by cops who support President Donald Trump.

From Fox News:

MSNBC finally got around to covering the scandal surrounding “Empire” star Jussie Smollett and allowed a guest to float a theory that Trump-supporting cops are lying about the case.


Zach Stafford, the editor-in-chief of LGBTQ magazine The Advocate, joined MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt and Al Sharpton on Thursday to discuss Smollett – who faces up to three years in prison.

“It was incredibly shocking on day one to see the police department call it a racist and homophobic attack,” Stafford said. “As someone that has been investigating these for years in Chicago, that was really unprecedented… people in the background were worried they were leaning into this victim part of the story because they didn’t believe him and they wanted to use it against him at the end, when they were able to prove that he was lying.”


“The police were openly confirming and not confirming certain reports and not doing it to other parts of the story, due to the vocal nature in this case, it was really peculiar,” Stafford said. “People have a lot of reason to not trust them… a deep history of openly lying to citizens. This police department did, in 2016, openly, through their union support Donald Trump.”

He said that since the case focused on alleged attackers wearing Trump hats and shouting “MAGA country,” there are grounds to question if the police are being truthful.

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