VIDEO: Mika Brzezinski can’t think of anything to say about SOTU…so she calls Trump a “Dictator”

The have completely lost it.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts have been avid anti-Trumpers. Every little thing He does sends them flying off the rails. Over and over again like a broken record they spew the same insults about Trump. After the State of the Union speech however they seemed to run out of things to say.

In true Democrat fashion they resorted to digging deep and pulling an old talking point out of the bag. All they had to say was that Trump is a dictator. Give me a BREAK!

Daily Caller Reports:

This meltdown came after Frank Luntz gave Trump credit for many of the good things happening in our country.

“Why can’t people give him credit for what has happened?” Luntz asked. “Why can’t they give him credit for his speech that went — that people had a chance to see? If you were a Democrat, there was something there for you. If you’re a Republican, there’s something there for you, that it has specifics.

Then, Brzezinski fired back with liberal rage:

“I think because he’s literally screwed everybody in that room over a few times too many. He’s been vulgar. He’s been racist and accused one of the senators in that room of giving sexual favors for money. He’s insulted the wife of a Republican senator in that room in the worst way possible.”

Luntz tried to stay on topic,” What about the speech?”, he asked.

“Your job, what you do, Frank, is you read rooms. You tell me that that room is supposed to respond like this [starts clapping her hands] to the great dictator,” she fired back..

No, but they’re not supposed to sit on their hands,” Luntz shot back. “And I’m sorry but using a phrase ‘great dictator’ is not appropriate.”

“This is my challenge, which is, I am willing to speak truth to power. I’m willing to challenge him,” Luntz said, “but I’m not willing to dismiss everything in him. That’s the problem.

So apparently Trump is a “dictator”, even though he consistently goes through Congress to solve problems.

When will liberals ever stop raging?

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