WATCH: Meghan McCain slammed Hillary and “The View” crowd LOVED IT

You would never expect a strong conservative voice to get positive attention on a television show like “The View”. Between Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar constantly slamming the POTUS and anyone who supports him there isn’t much room left for a different opinion.

That was until Meghan McCain joined the team. She has shown unrelenting confidence in holding it down for conservatives in enemy territory. Things have even started to happen on the show that never happened before.

We saw this in spades when McCain unleashed her thoughts about Hillary Clinton and her Hollywood cronies for how unfairly they have been going after conservatives. The crowd loved it and came alive with a roar of applause.

Watch below:


“I don’t really watch award shows anymore. And maybe — I know there’s a segment of the population that thinks Trump jokes is hilarious, making fun of Republicans is hilarious — I’m here to tell you that Hillary Clinton cameos, all that, I’m so turned off. I have no interest in being lectured to about my friends who are Trump supporters.” McCain started off.

“And if Hollywood wants to like, be more inclusive, as they claim they are — they’re all inclusive except when it comes to conservative values and except when it comes to Republicans and I’m not interested in watching that that.” She continued.

This is when the audience went CRAZY!

 Of course it wouldn’t be “The View” without a healthy portion of Behar running her mouth against Trump.

Behar shrieked on about the Trump family saying that they are “going to end up together in prison. And maybe that’s a good thing.”

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