ICYMI: Turns out the law of GRAVITY is the only law that Hillary isn’t above [VIDEO]

While visiting Mumbai, India this week, Hillary Clinton had a little more trouble with stairs.

During a visit at the Jahaz Mahal, the stairs were not friend to Hillary as she slipped two times while walking down the stairs. The worst part is, she was being helped by the arms of two men and still couldn’t stay up.

The first slip occurred with one man holding her up. After that slip up, another man grabbed her other arm. The people around acted like they’re used to this. Even a close aide to Hillary, Huma Abedin, who is seen walking behind her in a blue dress.

Oh right, this isn’t the first time Hillary has had trouble staying up.

Check out the video from the American Mirror below:

Let’s not forget, following a 9/11 memorial during 2016, Hillary Clinton was chucked into a van like a sack of potatoes. The Democrats and the media didn’t seem concerned despite the extremely strange video.

Watch Hillary’s legs give out as she’s thrown into the van below:

Since the beginning, we’ve been told Donald Trump’s health is the one that needs to be questioned; despite Clinton having numerous stair incidents, coughing fits, and weird seizures while talking to reporters.

Twitter showed no mercy following the release of the new video from India.