UNHINGED: Adam Schiff Claims Trump Is ‘Compromised’ By Russian Ties That Put U.S. At Risk

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff lost his mind over the weekend and claimed that President Donald Trump and his organization is “compromised” by business deals with Russia.

During an interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” the California Democrat claimed that the country is at risk because of Trump’s alleged “ties” to Russia.

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“The very broad significance here is that there is now testimony there is now a witness who confirms that in the same way Michael Flynn was compromised that the president and his business are compromised. The national security, former national security adviser Michael Flynn was compromised because he was saying things publicly that were not true about discussions with the Russians over sanctions,” Schiff said.

Last week, Michael Cohen, the president’s former attorney, accepted a guilty deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Cohen reportedly claims that the president entertained the idea of a Trump Tower being constructed in Moscow. Trump said he never put up a dime of money and that it was nothing more than talk a year before the election.

Schiff now says Cohen is reliable and that his claims prove collusion between Trump and Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

“Now we have Michael Cohen saying that what the president was saying, what Michael Cohen was saying, and others were saying about hen this business deal ended was not true. And what’s more, the Russians knew it wasn’t true. At the same time Donald Trump was the presumptive nominee of the GOP and arguing in favor of doing away with sanctions, he was working on a deal that would require doing away with sanctions for him to make money in Russia. That is a real problem. That means that the compromise is far broader than we thought,” he added.

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“The Mueller investigation as was the Comey investigation was a counterintelligence investigation, an investigation into whether Donald Trump and his organization were compromised. And now via Michael Cohen, we find out that, yes, there was compromise. That puts our country at risk,” Schiff said, with no push back at all from the host.

Watch below:

Schiff, who has a long history of making obnoxious comments, has been peddling Russia conspiracy theories for over a year and a half.

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Since Trump took office in Jan. 2017, the California Democrat has argued that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, yet there’s no proof to support his claim.

Last week, Schiff claimed that Trump is secretly controlled by Saudi Arabian financial interests and that allies no longer trust America because of the president.

“Our allies don’t respect us, our enemies don’t fear us” Schiff claimed. “What is driving this I don’t know, whether this is simply an affinity that he has for autocrats… he seems to choose them a repeatedly over his own intelligence agencies or whether there’s a financial motivation that is his own personal finances we do know.”

He went on to make an attempt to tie Trump’s recent decisions to his previous personal business dealings with the country, saying, “Of course he is openly bragged about how many millions he makes from Saudi Arabia, is his personal financial interest driving US policy in the gulf is a driving this policy Visa be the Russians we don’t know, but it would be responsible not to find out.”

Schiff point-blank claimed Trump colluded with Russia, is controlled by the Saudis, and sides with autocrats over the U.S. intelligence agencies.

And ABC host George Stephanopoulos didn’t push back on those claims one time.

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