Ungrateful Patriots Player Is Already Boycotting WH Visit; Says He’d Rather Meet Obama

Liberals once again find themselves hanging on the tree of woe after Sunday’s Super Bowl was won by “Trump’s team” as the New England Patriots and their superstar quarterback Tom Brady who just snagged his sixth ring.

The political left – which just can’t wash the taste of Colin Kaepernick’s joblessness out of their mouths – spent much of the pregame week bashing Brady and the Pats with the Daily Beast even going so far as to smear all New England fans of being white supremacists, a new low for a website whose parent company has a certain Chelsea Clinton on the board.

VOTE NOW: Should the Patriots visit the White House?

The Rams defense played lights out by largely keeping Brady in check but was only able to muster three points thanks to Goff’s nationally-televised meltdown, a tie for the worst offensive output in the 53-year history of the game.

Brady didn’t have to be spectacular because New England’s defense unexpectedly morphed into the 1985 Chicago Bears and thanks to that killer D, Trump will be welcoming the Patriots to the traditional ceremony that has recently become tarnished by tantrum-throwing multimillionaire malcontents.

One Patriots player who won’t be meeting Trump is defensive back Duron Harmon, an insufferable ingrate who was unable to muster up enough team spirit to at least celebrate the historic win with the rest of the players without popping off with his racially-tinged hot take.

Basically, it’s screw Trump and his teammates, he’d rather be palling around with Obama because “they don’t want me in the White House,” a ridiculous comment with the underlying insinuation being that the president hates black people.

VOTE NOW: Should the Patriots visit the White House?

Via USA Today, “Patriots’ Duron Harmon says he won’t visit White House after Super Bowl but would welcome Barack Obama meeting”:

New England Patriots safety Duron Harmon said he doesn’t plan to attend the White House if his Super Bowl-winning team receives an invite from President Donald Trump. Harmon was, however, receptive to the idea of meeting with President Barack Obama instead.

In an interview that aired on TMZ Sports, Harmon was asked if he’d go to the White House to celebrate the Patriots’ Super Bowl LIII win over the Los Angeles Rams. He answered, “Nah, man. They don’t want me in the White House.”

Harmon was then asked by the interviewer in the video if he’d prefer to meet with former President Barack Obama, taking a page from when the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors met with Obama last month in lieu of a White House visit.

“It would be dope (to celebrate with Obama),” Harmon said. “Obama, come holler at me, man. We love you over here, man.”

Dope and Obama? This guy is a great role model but he will immediately be lionized by the unhinged SJW left for his snub of Trump as all of the crybabies and malcontents are.

VOTE NOW: Should the Patriots visit the White House?

You can bet that Brady will be there as well as Belichick and the vast majority of a team that exemplifies the greatest attributes of sportsmanship and would never dream of dishonoring proper sportsmanlike etiquette and tradition with their silly little snits.

In an amusing sidenote from yesterday’s action, the G.O.A.T had some fun with the haters when he called a “REAGAN” audible in a tribute to the beloved president who like Trump, was an uncompromising patriot in the truest sence of the word.

As for Harmon, he can go and hang out with Obama, the LA Rams and the rest of the sore losers. Maybe he can even tender an invitation to Kaepernick.

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