UNBELIEVABLE: Ilhan Omar Sides With Terror Regime, Blames Trump For Iran-Linked Attack

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is siding with Iran and blaming President Donald Trump for the Iran-linked attack on an oil tanker last week.

As noted by Fox News, Omar is also blaming Trump after Iran announced it could enrich uranium up to 20 percent — just a step below weapons-grade level.

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After the U.S. blamed Iran for the attack on the oil tanker, Iran said it would break a limit on uranium stockpiles established by the 2015 agreement that was intended to restrict the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

Omar slammed Trump and the U.S. with her response — not the Iranian regime.

“None of this would be happening if Trump didn’t back out of the Iran nuclear deal,” Omar said.

She said the U.S. should get back to negotiations with Tehran and reinstate the Iran nuclear deal.

Omar took to Twitter on Monday condemning Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal shortly before the Pentagon approved sending 1,000 more troops to the Middle East in response to the attack.

Trump and several other nations are declaring Iran was responsible for the attacks in the Gulf of Oman, citing a video released by the U.S. Navy that they say showed an Iranian vessel removing an unexploded mine.

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“Iran did do it and you know they did it because you saw the boat,” Trump said during an interview on “Fox & Friends” last Friday. “They’re a nation of terror and they’ve changed a lot since I’ve been president, I can tell you.”

Aside from how sickening it is to see an elected member of Congress blame the president for Iran carrying out an attack, Omar has come under fire countless times in recent months for making abhorrent comments.

Earlier this month, the Minnesota Democrat said it is “un-American” for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to capture and detain illegal aliens.

And, she wants the agency defunded because she doesn’t believe the work ICE does every single days matters.

Why is it “un-America” for immigration officials to apprehend and detain those who broke the law to enter the country?

Since becoming a member of Congress in January, Omar has also come under fire for making several anti-Semitic remarks.

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A few weeks ago, Omar smeared conservative people of faith and insulted pro-life Americans during an off-the-rails speech on the floor of the House of Representatives.

During an interview before that on the Nation’s “Next Left” podcast, Omar insulted Trump voters and called them “ignorant.”

While speaking on Capitol Hill late last month, Omar declared that, “This is not going to be the country of white people.”

Before that, she was swiftly condemned for describing the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks as “some people did something.”

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