UH OH: Obama’s latest actions might cost Dems the Hispanic vote!!

Hispanics have been somewhat pissed with Obama lately because he has actually been ordering immigration raids that has affected many Hispanic families.

And according to source, this could SERIOUSLY damage the Hispanic turnout for the Democrats!!

From Politico:

“The Obama administration’s controversial immigration raids are threatening to weaken the Democrats’ advantage. The volatile issue of immigration and the power of the Latino vote is coming into sharper focus in advance of the June 7 primary in California, where Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are showing off their pro-immigrant bona fides in their increasingly contentious nomination fight.

But a running undercurrent is the firestorm over the raids launched by the Obama administration earlier this year and reportedly renewed this month targeting immigrants here illegally. Advocacy groups say they’re concerned that enthusiasm from Latino voters and volunteers is getting sapped because of the furor stemming from the controversial enforcement operations.

“People are fatigued and outraged about the raids, and just when things should be turning to creating clean lines between the candidates, the Obama administration is dampening enthusiasm,” said Cristina Jimenez, the co-founder and managing director of United We Dream, a leading advocacy group led by young undocumented immigrants.”

Do you think this will hurt Latino turnout for the Democrats? We hope so! Trump will be good for all Americans and we need him in the White House!

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