Twitter Apologizes For ‘Error’ After Suspending Candace Owens For Copying Sarah Jeong Tweet

Twitter apologized Sunday for making an “error” after temporarily barring conservative commentator Candace Owens from accessing her account after she was accused of violating the social media platform’s terms of use.

As noted by Fox News, Owens used tweets from New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong but replaced the word “white” with other races and religions to show that many believe Jeong’s tweets are racist.

Jeong’s tweets, which make many controversial remarks about white people, are still up and her account was never suspended over the comments. Owens had her account suspended after she used Jeong’s exact tweets, but replaced “white” with “black” or “Jewish” so she could show how Jeong’s tweets would have caused outrage if they were directed toward minorities.

Owens’ account being temporarily suspended for mimicking Jeong’s also led to many on Twitter saying the tweets show how the social media platform is biased and censoring conservatives.

Bellow is Owens’ tweet which features a screenshot of the email she received from Twitter on Sunday apologizing for the “error.”

Owens’ experiment of swapping the tweets with different races and religions came after the Times hired Jeong to become the newest member of its editorial board.

Following the announcement last week, users found a bevy of old tweets from Jeong where she made a slew of controversial comments about hating white people, wishing white people would go extinct, and saying she enjoys being rude to older white men.

(**Warning: Some of the tweets below feature strong language that may offend or upset some people**)

Here are a few of Jeong’s tweets:

In one example, Owens took one of Jeong’s tweets and replaced “black” with “white” people.

“Black people are only fit to live underground like groveling goblins. They have stopped breeding and will all go extinct soon. I enjoy being cruel to old black women,” Owens tweeted.

Owens did this with many of Jeong’s tweets to show that had those same comments been made about minorities, there more than likely would have been a collective outrage against the person for exhibiting racism.

As many Twitter users asked, why was Owens’ account suspended but not Jeong’s? If Twitter’s algorithm “accidentally” flagged Owens’ account, why did it not “accidentally” flag Jeong’s? Many are reasonably upset that Owens had her account suspended within days of posting the tweets, yet Jeong’s account has never been suspended nor have the tweets been taken down.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Owens said she agrees with Twitter that her account should have been flagged for the vicious tweets, saying she wonders why the social media platform has not taken any action against Jeong’s account.

“I actually AGREE with Twitter. These tweets are an example of hateful conduct. It begs the question — why was it okay when the hate was directed at White people? Why are her tweets still up? In every way imaginable — Twitter has just proved my point. Racism in this country has been sanctioned against white people.”

Owens said she was seeking to show how biased Twitter is against conservatives, and many would agree her experiment proved exactly that.

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