Trump’s New Poll Numbers are in and its’s ROCK SOLID

70% of Trump supporters say they believe he is good at making legislative deals.

A majority of President Trump’s supporters says he is a good dealmaker, according to a new CBS News NationTracker poll.

According to CBS News:

Here’s something Americans agree on: they think President Trump is trying to do a lot – though it’s too much for some. Whether they like it all is a different matter, of course. And a lot of activity has meant there are a lot of things for supporters to cheer…and for opponents to dislike.

His strongest backers like just about all they see – “this is what I voted for,” they say – though they’re notably not yet sold on the health-care bill. They turn to Mr. Trump for accurate information over other sources, believe he was wiretapped, describe him as “focused” and that he makes them feel “confident” in him.

Good economic news has helped the president hold on to softer supporters who remain optimistic, despite their concerns on other fronts. But the ranks of his supporters have held steady from last month, having neither grown or shrunk.

Meanwhile the GOP health care proposal has put off some potential Trump backers, who like what he’s doing on the economy and would have him focus more on that, but describe themselves as “nervous” (in particular, those who don’t like the bill), as many also see the president as “distracted” or “temperamental.” They have not joined the ranks of supporters. And his steadfast opponents, despite pessimism, say they’ve found motivation to do things in opposition to his policies.

All his supporters want him to be something of a Dealmaker-in-Chief as Congress takes up his legislative agenda, and they’d have him stand apart from his own Republican party if needed. They urge him to make “good deals” that help them and be his “own kind of president,” whether it fits the Republican party’s conservative views or not. The bulk of his strongest supporters are Republicans themselves, so this sentiment echoes the sort that has long bolstered Trump, dating all the way back to last year’s primaries, when he ran against the so-called Republican establishment.

And few things differentiate Trump supporters more from non-supporters in this study than whether Americans feel he is an accurate source of information. His strongest backers overwhelmingly say he is. Almost none of his non-supporters – including those who’d consider supporting him – agree.

The public’s evaluations of this presidency are very personal, reflecting how people feel about Trump himself, and not just his policies. The overall size of the support and opposition groups hasn’t really changed since last month.

In this study we’ve been defining the strongest backers (the “believers,” for their strong belief in what he will do); those who support him but with the condition that he deliver on his promises (the “conditionals”); and those watching for a reason to support him but do not now (the “curious”);  and those who oppose him, period, the “resisters.”

The Believers give him credit for the recent economic gains. If he’s stymied as he pursues his goals, it’s only because of a politically-motivated opposition.  When he’s faced with disagreement, they’re the most likely to want him to take his case directly to the people. They say the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) does not do accurate, non-partisan work.

And on the legislative front, they trust Mr. Trump overwhelmingly to do what they consider the right thing — more than they do Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

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