Trump Tower Meeting Transcripts Released; 5 Words Send CLEAR Message

Newly released transcripts from Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee reveal the meeting at Trump Tower had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and ended shortly after it became apparent the Russia emissaries didn’t have anything meaningful to discuss.

In just five words, the report sends a clear message: “No focus on Russian activities.”

According to Fox News, the committee released more than 2,500 pages of transcripts on Wednesday from interviews with numerous figures involved in the June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower.

The report reveals no improper or illegal actions from Trump Jr. and the Russian officials during the brief meeting.

Democrats have desperately wanted people to believe Trump Jr. and members of the Trump campaign set up the meeting with Russian emissaries because they had dirt on Clinton.

The committee revealed, which is bolstered by the testimony from Trump Jr. and many others, the meeting only last 20 minutes, and ended when it became clear it was pointless.

The transcript shows that Clinton wasn’t even brought up in the meeting.

The Russian interpreter at the meeting, who testified in front of the committee, told investigators that there “was no offer to release hacked emails, hack voter systems or anything else ‘that might reasonably be considered collusion’ between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

A publicist present at the meeting said the Russians considered the talk a “waste of time.”

Trump Jr. said he was glad the transcipts were released, saying they show he “answered every question asked” and was “candid and forthright with the committee.”

This meeting has become a major topic, mainly because Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team appears to be curious about what was discussed.

But the released transcripts show there was no collusion, illegal actions, or discussions involving “dirt” on Clinton from Russia.

There’s no smoking gun — and this again proves there’s no evidence of collusion after a year of investigating.

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