Trump To Sign Order That Changes Asylum Rules Before Caravan Of Refugees Arrive

A possible big change in asylum rules could be on the way with President Donald Trump being expected to sign an order that does just that.

Trump’s new order will specifically stop migrants who enter the United States illegally from applying for asylum after they’re detained by immigration authorities.

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That means anyone traveling in the caravan who seeks asylum cannot cross the Mexico/U.S. border illegally and then expect to seek said asylum.

Trump wants to strengthen the border and not open it to people who are willing to break the current immigration laws by crossing the border illegally. The new directive will provide a more organized method of entry and asylum seeking, thus ensuring that those who seek asylum are not breaking current immigration laws, but still obtain the asylum they seek.

He is reported to be signing the order as early as Friday, November 9, according to the Wall Street Journal who cited officials in Trump’s administration.

It was just seven days ago, on November 1, that Trump stated he was going to present changes to asylum rules.

This change is sparked by the large caravan of migrants traveling from Central America, through Mexico, and seeking to make their way to the United States border and apply for asylum. Trump wants those seeking asylum to enter America legally, adhering to current immigration laws.

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According to the Daily Caller, that “directive under consideration requires asylum seekers to make their claims at a port of entry along the border. Those who cross illegally and turn themselves into border agents will be deemed ineligible for asylum.

Under current law, a migrant can request asylum if he is in U.S. territory, regardless of how he got there. If the asylum seeker is found to have a “credible fear” of persecution in his home country, he is permitted to remain in the U.S. as he waits for his case to play out in immigration court, a process that can take months or years.”

Trump’s administration has tried to argue that the current policies encourage those seeking asylum, but don’t meet legal standards for asylum, to cross into the country illegally in attempt to gain the “credible fear” status which could allow them to remain in the country.

“As evidence, administration officials point to the wide disparity between credible fear pass rates, which are often above 80 percent for Central American asylum seekers, and ultimately successful asylum claims, which are well below 20 percent for the same demographic.”

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Before Trump’s directives on this, the Department of Homeland Security was telling those who seek asylum to state their claims at the port of entry, so that they could do it legally. Trump’s administration officials say his new directive will help provide a more “orderly processing of asylum claims and more efficient allocation of resources at the border.”

President Trump will be criticized for this because it might create long lines at the port of entry. However, if asylum seekers are able to attain their desired asylum, then this might be the most effective method of doing so, particularly remaining legal in the process.

Those seeking asylum appear to be more than welcome, but the president would like to maintain a certain level of law and order when asylum seekers approach the border, especially if thousands appear at once.

There should always be some degree of organization so that mass chaos does not break out.

Safety of all is important.

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