Trump To Become 1st Sitting President To Give This Huge Honor To Veterans

President Donald Trump will make history this coming Monday as he becomes the first president in the history of our country to attend the New York City Veteran’s Day Parade, on it’s Centennial Celebration, no less!

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From the Military Times:

President Donald Trump will mark Veterans Day this year with a speech at the start of the New York City Veterans Day Parade, which would be the first time a sitting president has attended the event.

In past years, the commander-in-chief has typically attended events and memorial services around Washington, D.C. Organizers of the New York parade to Trump, a native New Yorker, several months ago, and White House officials announced Wednesday that he will attend.

The parade is one of the largest Veterans Day events in the country. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the annual event, and is expected to draw more than 25,000 participants along with tens of thousands of spectators.

One could even speculate that Trump’s very presence will draw even larger crowds for the event, although the Military Times is being very careful to publicize the event as non-partisan:

Organizers said even with the president’s involvement, they hope to keep the parade non-partisan.

“This is a day when we put politics aside to focus on honoring our veterans, and to recommit ourselves as a community to providing them with the services they have earned, the services they deserve and, for many, the services they were denied,” said Doug McGowan, chairman of the United War Veterans Council Board, which hosts the event.

But parade co-producer Bill White said in a statement that organizers will highlight Trump as “a great supporter of our veterans” at the event.

“What he is doing now as President with regard to veterans choice, funding our military, and holding them and their families in the highest regard is truly extraordinary,” he said. “He is loved by our veterans for sure.“ All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

It’s no secret that Trump is a major supporter of Veterans, and always has been. While many presidents pretend, Trump has shown his support for decades, well before he ever thought of running for office.

Long-time organizers of the event couldn’t contain their excitement when they announced Trump’s involvement in the parade on Fox News.

You can see a transcript of their conversation below:

McGowan: I am proud to announce — honored to announce — that the commander-in-chief has accepted our invitation and will be leading the New York City Veterans Day Parade, the centennial, this year on the 11th…

Fox Host: This has never happened before!

McGowan: This is the first time! This is the first time, and, uh, and President Donald Trump as citizen Donald Trump in the ’80s, the 90s and again in the early 2000s has been here for the veteran’s community of New York.

Fox Host: Right, Bill, you said that he saved the parade one year?

Bill: That’s right, in 1993, almost 25 years ago, uh, the parade was in difficult financial straits, and the president of the United States, then “The Donald”, no questions asked, just said, ‘Yes, I will do it.’ He wrote a ginormous check, saved the Veterans Day Parade. He was honored at the Pentagon way back then, and he has been a friend to our veterans for many, many, many years.

Yea, that’s him (showing an old photo) with Mayor Guliani, receiving an award there, that’s uh, a much younger version of me there in the middle (laughing). Uh, but we are so grateful to our president. We have a great Commander-in-Chief.

They have many reasons to be grateful. In addition to the “ginormous” check that Trump wrote when he “saved the Veterans Day Parade,” it was also reported by the New York Times that he also has given other donations “totaling more than $1 million for a memorial plaza dedicated to Vietnam veterans.”

If the biblical saying is true that “where your treasure is, your heart will be also,” then I’d say it’s pretty obvious that Trump loves our veterans and will always support them.

Happy Veterans Day!

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