Trump Supports 2nd Amendment (See his Powerful Message at NRA)

Trump Supports 2nd Amendment
(Watch his Powerful Message at the 2015 NRA Leadership Forum)

New York, NY – -( Hello Mr Trump. Many of our readers are very excited that you have thrown your hat in the ring to run for president in 2016.

AmmoLand: Speaking of family I know you and your sons recently attended the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting, where you were asked to speak. How long have you been active with the NRA and what do you think about the influence the NRA has in politics?

Donald Trump:

“I am a Life Member of the NRA and am proud of their service in protecting our right to keep and bear arms. The NRA’s efforts to stop dangerous, gun-banning legislation and regulation is invaluable. The media focus on those efforts overshadows the great work the NRA does on behalf of safety and conservation.

I have a permit to carry and, living in New York, I know firsthand the challenges law-abiding citizens have in exercising their Second Amendment rights. My most trusted sources are my sons, Don, Jr. and Eric. They are fantastic sportsmen and are deeply involved in hunting, competitive shooting, and habitat conservation.”

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