Trump setting his sights on Obama’s countless regulations

After eight years of overdone red tape, Trump is about to cut some fat

Obama has spent eight years doing nothing but crippling business owners and others with regulation after regulation. Trump, having actual real world experience, understands what an issue this is, and has MASSIVE plans to overhaul the system.

The Hill has the story:

President-elect Donald Trump is stocking his administration with businessmen and regulatory reformers who are intent on cutting through what they see as red tape from Washington.

Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor, will oversee the Trump administration’s regulatory reform efforts. He will be joined by several other Wall Street investors and corporate executives who have first-hand experience dealing with government rules.

Regulatory adviser Carl Icahn

Trump created a new position in the White House for the billionaire investor to serve as a “special adviser on regulatory issues,” where he will seek to trim back rules that businesses consider unnecessary and burdensome.

“Under President Obama, America’s business owners have been crippled by over $1 trillion in new regulations,” Icahn said in a statement issued by the Trump transition team. “It’s time to break free of excessive regulation and let our entrepreneurs do what they do best: create jobs and support communities.”
Icahn, 80, is the founder of Icahn Enterprises, and has become known over the years as an activist shareholder.

Trump, who has done deals with Icahn in the past, called him “one of the world’s great businessmen.”

“His help on the strangling regulations that our country is faced with will be invaluable,” Trump said in a statement.

Icahn, who holds a majority stake in CVR Energy and has also invested in several other oil and gas companies, has been a particularly vocal critic of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Obama administration.

Icahn has already advised the president-elect on several key appointments, including Steve Mnuchin to the Treasury Department, Wilbur Ross to the Commerce Department, and Scott Pruitt to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to The Wall Street Journal.

He is also expected to hold sway over Trump’s choice for a new chairman for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross

Ross once helped save Trump’s casino business.

The Wall Street banker built a career by investing in distressed companies and turning them around. In the 1990s, Ross and Icahn helped finance the president-elect’s Taj Mahal casino as bondholders. When the casino ran into trouble, the two men could have foreclosed, but instead negotiated with Trump to keep the business afloat.

“We could have foreclosed [on the Trump Taj Mahal], and he would have been gone,” Ross told The New York Post last month.

Trump on Nov. 30 tapped Ross to lead to the Commerce Department on Nov. 30. In that role, he will have a major role in shaping U.S. trade policy, including import and export regulations that companies must comply with.

Both Trump and Ross have taken a hard line against trade deals, saying many of them have hurt American jobs.

BOOM! The list goes on, but the point is clear. Trump is about to make America great again, and I can’t wait to see that happen.

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