Trump Reveals What He Plans To Do With Hillary When He’s President – She’s Terrified

Trump Reveals What He Plans To Do With Hillary When He’s President – She’s Terrified

donald trump and hillary clinton

Since Donald Trump has been dominating the polls for months now, it seems likely that he will indeed make it to the White House. That’s why Hillary Clinton is panicking this week after The Donald revealed what he has planned for her after he becomes president. It’s certainly not looking good for Hillary!

In a move that is in stark contrast to our current President and his Justice Department, Trump has said that as President, he would look to prosecute Hillary for her breaches of national security. Do you agree with Trump?

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity during a town hall meeting, Trump addressed Clinton’s scandal. When Hannity asked Trump if he would pursue a criminal indictment of Clinton should Attorney General Loretta Lynch avoid indicting her, Trump responded bluntly.

“You have to,” the presidential front-runner said without hesitation.

Trump’s concerns also stem from his belief that the Democrat Party is covering for Clinton.

The FBI is still investigating how classified documents ended up on Clinton’s person email server. The former first lady also sent 104 emails using this private server.

With Liberals in power, Hillary has nothing to worry about. She will never be held to account for her lawbreaking. But if Trump gets in office, that will change. Hillary has a lot riding on this election, far more than just the question of whether she becomes President. Her entire future may be at stake.


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