Trump Prophet Speaks Out Again: “He’s Not Going Anywhere!”

Donald Trump’s win on election night was nothing short of miraculous.

In fact, there are many who would say it WAS miraculous.  On the level of God Almighty himself intervening in the election!

In other words, this:

But before you start thinking we’ve gone off our rocker, allow us to introduce you to the Trump Prophet, Mark Taylor.

Taylor is well documented to have predicted the Donald Trump presidency as early as 2011 (scroll down for video).  He was mocked mercilessly for this prediction, even up to the day of the election.

And then something funny happened.  Trump won.  Now when Taylor speaks, people listen.  And he just went on the record again.

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In a recent interview with CBN News, Taylor confirmed, “Trump isn’t going anywhere.”  The impeachment attempts are futile, and Trump will prevail.

In fact, Taylor says, Trump will actually start to become popular, and even praised by many in the media!  Think that’s far-fetched?  Not as much as a man winning an election who had a 91% chance of losing on election day morning!

Here’s more from Taylor, from CBN News:

Mark Taylor, known as the fireman prophet and co-author of The Trump Prophecies, says impeachment attempts on President Donald Trump will be futile.

Taylor said that in 2011 God told him that then-businessman Donald Trump would be president – and despite his many enemies, God would protect him

“They will say things about this man, the enemy, but it will not affect him and they will say it rolls off of him like a duck. For even as the feathers of a duck protect it, so shall my feathers protect this next president.” – Mark Taylor 2011 The Trump Prophecies 

On Wednesday, 58 Democrats in Congress voted to try and impeach President Trump, but the House overwhelmingly voted to kill the resolution as most Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the move.  

Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, brought the resolution, accusing Trump, among other things, of being bigoted and a racist. After his resolution was read aloud, the House voted 364-58 to table the resolution.

Taylor said months ago, “Rest assured, they may try these things but none of that’s going to succeed because this man has been anointed and appointed by God. He’s not going anywhere so I want to put that out there for the people because there’s a lot of fear out there.” 

“There’s no reason to be walking in fear right now,” he continued. “What I want to encourage people to do is to stay engaged in the fight. This is not a time to lay down the weapons of your warfare.”

Mark’s co-author, Mary Colbert, says, “Mark prophesied before he was elected, they will try to impeach him but it will not work, so God already gave us a headline warning that they’re really going to try to do this.”

“That is not going to happen. He (Trump) has angels assigned to him and his family. You try to harm this man, God help you!,” Colbert added.

Taylor said, “Interesting thing about today’s impeachment vote – it was by a 306 margin;  Donald Trump won the election by 306 electoral college votes. You think that’s a sign?  Yes.” 

But that’s not all Taylor had to say.

According to, Taylor also stated that two ex-Presidents will soon die instantly and three will be “shaken”.  Take a look:

“The Bible says, ‘Do not touch my anointed, but especially my prophets,’” he continued. “These guys have now touched God’s anointed, Donald Trump. They used it as a platform to go in there and attack.”

Taylor said that God told him that because of their supposed attack on Trump, “the covenant that these five presidents have had with that entity called Baal—because Baal is the strongman over America—is going to be broken. And then He said, ‘Two of these ex-presidents will be taken and and three will be shaken.’”


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