Trump Official Announces Bad News For Over 100 Countries Mooching Off America

President Trump continues to pursue an America first agenda and that includes cutting off the endless fountain of free money to other countries.

The administration has been looking at cutting around $4 billion in foreign aid to around one hundred countries many of which routinely trash American but have enjoyed their ability to leech off of U.S. taxpayers thanks to our craven politicians.

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The proposed cuts are a part of a “rescissions package” that would cancel previously approved money, much of it to be directed to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) which is a key component in Deep State-backed regime change operations.

The claw back of the funds would impact family planning (translation: abortion) programs as well as crop diversity and solar panel development.

The plans were confirmed by a senior administration official.

According to a CBN News report:

A senior Trump administration official tells CBN News that the White House plans to cut abortion funding in West Africa as part of their goal to drastically cut America’s international foreign aid around the world.

Specifically, the blueprint would no longer provide ‘voluntary family planning money’ to the countries of Sierra Leone, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Benin.

“The President himself has stated that there is a lot of fat in the foreign assistance we provide,” according to the senior official. “While there are many great programs we support around the world, taxpayer dollars should not be spent on ‘voluntary family planning’ in Africa—which could include abortion. This administration is committed to cutting wasteful spending and protecting the unborn.”

The moves are part of what is known as a “rescissions package,” meaning the canceling of billions of unspent foreign assistance funds, which could total more than four billion dollars. Administration officials tell CBN News more than 100 countries overall will be targeted for international aid cuts.

As for the ‘voluntary family planning’ funds, they are typically dispersed through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The administration has discovered that some of those family planning funds used in West African nations actually evade or skirt around what is known as America’s, ‘Mexico City Policy,’ which requires non-governmental organizations to agree not to “perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.” That is the reason the rescissions money specifically looks to get rid of funds going to those individual programs in West Africa.

Beyond family planning, White House officials are also looking to cut funding to many other programs including investing in Guatemalan agriculture technology, solar panels in Central Asia, crop diversity in Bangladesh, desert survival courses in Egypt and cuts to border security funds provided to more than a dozen countries including El Salvador.

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Additional details according to Roll Call:

“Stakeholders expected the White House would formally submit the cuts package to Congress this week, which would trigger a freeze on the funds and make it difficult for lawmakers to save them from expiring because the end of the fiscal year is a little over a month away…”

“The 1974 budget law that created the current rescissions process allows the president to freeze spending on certain programs for 45 days of a continuous legislative session, while lawmakers weigh whether to approve the proposed cancellations.”

The swamp is boiling over with rage over the proposed cuts with Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi going so far as to threaten to blow up the recent budged deal and possibly trigger a government shutdown.



Via Politico, “Nancy Pelosi warns cuts in foreign aid could jeopardize budget deal”:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is warning the Trump administration that a White House proposal to cut billions of dollars in foreign aid could imperil a recent two-year budget agreement.

In a letter dated Friday to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Pelosi warned that such a package could be approved only by Congress, according to a legal opinion from the Government Accountability Office. She assured Mnuchin that Congress would take no such action and urged the administration to reconsider.

“I request that you work within the administration to stop this proposed rescission which GAO states is illegal, which violates the good faith of our budget negotiations, which important Republicans say is ill-advised, and which overrides Congress’ most fundamental Constitutional power,” Pelosi wrote.

The opposition to the cuts has been bipartisan showing that when it comes to bilking American taxpayers to funnel money into projects that are critical to the preservation of the global elite, that there is no daylight between the two parties.

If the cuts go through in the current amount, it will be a showing of Trump’s commitment to putting America first and a lot of people have a real problem with that.

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